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Harley-Davidson Developing Liquid-Cooled Adventure motorcycles


Harley Davidson has announced a big push into new market segments with modular liquid-cooled engines. Sixteen new bikes will utilize the new 60° v-twins in displacements of 500cc, 750cc, 975cc, and 1250cc. These will be DOHC designs, so expect modern, competitive levels of horsepower and torque.

Pictured are a couple of prototypes shown by Harley of a new adventure model called the Pan America, displacing 1250cc, as well as a Streetfighter displacing 975cc. Harley expects these to be introduced as 2020 models.

harley davidson street fighter 950

Harley also emphasized the importance of electric models in its future. An entire “family of products” in the EV category will range all the way down to bicycles.

source: harley-davidson.com

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