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LiveWire, the Harley-Davidson electric bike is revealed


Harley-Davidson unveiled LiveWire, its electric motorcycle at the Milan Motor Show (EICMA) in 2018. This all-electric model is the first of its kind to hit stores in 2019. The Milwaukee company hopes to lead the electric motorcycle market and has been investing in this technology.

The LiveWire project began in 2014 with a prototype. Today, the production model is ready and brings a unique design. Focus remains in the engine. The part of the engine (now electric) is in evidence in the design, being bright.

In addition, the cast aluminum case for the RESS has been designed with functional cooling fins. The body is finished using advanced paint technology to give the appearance of anodized metal.

harley davidson livewire

The engine is positioned in the lower part of the bike to lower the center of gravity and improve riding at any speed. The torque is instantaneous, just like in any electric motor.

The chassis is aluminum with the engine being part of the frame. It has Showa suspension on both axes. The brakes are Brembo with monobloc calipers. The front discs are 300 mm and the bike is also equipped with ABS and traction control.

Finally, LiveWire has a colorful TFT panel and the battery can be charged with fast charging technology.

Prices have not been disclosed yet.

photos: Harley-Davidson

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