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Yamaha reveals 2019 Niken GT, its 3-wheeled bike “Sport Tourer”


Yamaha continues to invest in the world of 3-wheel motorcycles (or LMW – “Leaning Multi-Wheel”). Now she has unveiled the 2019 Niken GT, a more touring version of the exotic “Sport Tourer”. This bike that looks like it has come out of an alien movie incorporates high windscreens, side luggage and a more comfortable seat.

With the 2 wheels on the front axle, the 2019 Niken GT can tilt more than the MT-09 (on which it is based), and reaches 45º. In addition, it offers unmatched comfort in the category and greater confidence with better front grip and braking. The chassis is hybrid in aluminum and steel.

yamaha niken 2019

The Yamaha Niken GT also features traction control, ABS, Quick Shift, assisted and sliding clutch, riding modes and autopilot (cruise control). The instrument panel is fully digital in LCD.

The engine is the 3 cylinders parallel of 847 cc and liquid cooling. It is capable of generating up to 115 hp of maximum power and 89 nm of torque. The gearbox is 6 speeds, the fuel capacity is 18 liters and the weight fully loaded is 263 kg.

yamaha niken gt 2019

The 2019 Niken is sold in the US for $ 15,999, while the GT version is offered at $ 17,299.

photos: Yamaha

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