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Ducati Unveils Panigale V4 during EICMA 2017


The highly anticipated Ducati Panigale V4 has been unveiled in Milan. The beautiful Italian superbike marks the first departure by Ducati from its 90° v-twin superbike powerplant, and ushers in a new era for the company.

The first Panigale V4 engine is too large to be legal for superbike racing. Displacing 1,103cc, it will be followed next year by a 999cc version that will homologate for racing. With a claimed 214 horsepower, the new V4 will pack a serious punch, and continues the 90° v configuration of the old twin. With a counter-rotating crank shaft, the new V4 helps increase the maneuverability of the bike.

The new engine is a stressed member of the frame, helping to reduce weight (the S version, for example, weighs a claimed 429 pounds).

Of course, very sophisticated electronic and computer aids are part of the package, including a new six-axis Bosch inertial platform.

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